A Woman

With a Life Long
Love of Learning

Hi! This is Suzanne Olszewski Chisum’s Web Site. Here you will learn about my life, my love of learning, and my family recipes and ancestry as well as my love of music.

Photos of When I Was a Young Girl

About Me

I love to learn new things. This has gotten me in trouble from time to time. As a child, I was often labeled precocious or hyperactive as a result. Through some wonderful teachers, music and 4-H, I was able to expand my knowledge. This love of learning followed me through undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs.

At age 33, I was faced with the challenge of a rare neurological disease, the Chiari Malformation, which has resulted in years of severe headaches and chronic pain. I have undergone numerous neurosurgical procedures. I believe these are other learning experiences from which to grow…

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I compiled a print book of recipes in 1999 and distributed it to my family at that time. In 2020, I realized the print recipe book needed to be revised and put it in a format accessible to family and friends.

The recipes here are those that family members and I have compiled.

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Growing Up

Enjoy reading and looking through a photo album about my life.

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Find out about my ethnic heritage which inspires me in everyday living and cooking.

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